Easyfone Prime-A6 4G

Easyfone Prime-A6 4G

Easyfone Prime-A6 4G Specs

Model NamePrime-A6 4G
Wireless CarrierT-Mobile
Operating SystemNucleus OS
Cellular TechnologyLTE, VoLTE, WCDMA, GSM
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Screen Size1.8
Wireless network technologyGSM, UMTS, LTE

Efficient and Practical Classic Bar Phone

Introducing a classic bar dumb phone designed primarily for calling and texting needs. This device deliberately excludes internet access and camera functionality, making it an excellent choice for seniors, kids, or as a reliable backup phone.

Key Features:

  • Large backlit buttons and talking numbers for easy use
  • Ample volume with clear and audible sound
  • Easy-to-read font and icons for effortless operation
  • Real capacity 1050mAh battery with convenient charging dock
  • Impressive standby time of over 96 hours
  • Powerful speaker designed for enhanced hearing
  • Hearing aid compatibility (HAC)
  • Emergency SOS button for added safety
  • Eight dedicated speed dial buttons for quick calling

Additional Features:

  • FM radio for entertainment
  • Alarm clock to stay on schedule
  • Audio player for music enjoyment
  • Notes with reminders for important tasks
  • Calculator for quick calculations
  • Calendar for keeping track of events
  • Bluetooth capability for connectivity
  • Handy flashlight for illumination
  • SOS feature for emergencies
  • Speed dial function for swift dialing

Optimized for SpeedTalk Mobile (Includes SIM Card)

This stupid phone operates seamlessly with SpeedTalk Mobile, utilizing the T-Mobile network. With plans starting at just $5 per month, it offers flexibility and affordability. You have the option to retain your existing phone number or obtain a new one.

Easyfone Prime-A6 4G video

Easyfone Prime-A6: The Perfect 4G Feature Cell Phone

Discover the Easyfone Prime-A6, a user-friendly 4G feature cell dumb phone that boasts an attractive design, clear sound quality, and a substantial battery for extended standby time. This talk and text phone intentionally lacks internet access, making it an ideal choice for seniors, kids, or anyone seeking a reliable and straightforward device for daily use.

Designed for Different Scenarios and Individuals

Senior Citizens

  • Large buttons and fonts for easy visibility
  • Simple operating system for effortless use
  • Convenient charging dock for hassle-free charging
  • Speed dial feature for quick and easy dialing
  • SOS button for emergency assistance

Kids & Students

  • Excludes internet access for enhanced safety
  • Limited to calls and messages only
  • SOS button ensures safety
  • Speed dial calls ideal for young children

Use as Backup Phone

  • Simple operation system for straightforward usage
  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Ample battery life for extended standby
  • Minimalist phone to prevent internet vulnerabilities

Travel Overseas

  • Unlocked 2G GSM compatibility for global use
  • Basic and affordable functionality
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Extended battery life for prolonged use
Durability & Long-lasting Battery lifeSos Emergency ButtonSimple to unlock keyboardSimple to unlock keyboard 2Big button with Talking number featureHearing Aid Compatible
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