Easyfone Star

Easyfone Star

Easyfone Star Specs

BrandSenior world
Model NameSmafe - 3
Wireless CarrierUnlocked
Operating SystemNucleus OS
Cellular Technology2G
Screen Size1.8

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Star Easyfone: A Dumb Phone Ensuring Child Safety

Motherhood brings immense joy alongside concerns for the child’s safety. Like many others, letting my child out of sight was a concern until I discovered the Star Easyfone, a best mobile phone for kids, providing a powerful telecare solution and ensuring their safety when outside.

Why Star Easyfone?

Star Easyfone is uniquely designed considering a child’s understanding of technology. It’s a user-friendly dumb phone for children, ensuring they can stay connected without the complications and risks of a smartphone.

Key Safety Features

  1. Complete Parental Control: Track all activities including phone numbers, calls, messages, and alarms, ensuring you always know what your child is up to.
  2. Auto Receive Option: Stay involved in your child’s conversations ensuring they are safe in their interactions.
  3. No Internet: The first phone with no internet yet GPS functionality, reducing screen time stress and enhancing security.
  4. SOS Button: In emergencies, an SOS message and the child’s location are sent to stored numbers, ensuring quick help.
  5. Easy Operation: Simple display and picture buttons make it easy for kids to operate.
Easyfone Star Calls to and from chosen people onlyEasyfone Star Availability of 2G connectionEasyfone Star GPS location updateEasyfone Star Dedicated help ButtonEasyfone Star Auto Call back

Additional Features

  • Restrict outbound and inbound calls, ensuring children only communicate with known numbers.
  • GPS tracking at specified times or in emergencies.
  • Help button sending alerts and location to emergency contacts.
  • Personal organizer for reminders and Do Not Disturb settings.
  • Simple settings and cradle charger making it easy for children to use.

Hardware Features

The phone comes with a 1.77-inch Screen, 2G – Quad band, is Lightweight – only 71gms, has an 800 MAH battery, cradle charger, and is Lanyard Capable.

Easyfone Star Tamper proof settingsSafe charging on Easyfone StarPersonalised Easyfone StarDon't worry about time zones on Easyfone StarDiscreet listening on Easyfone Star

The Star Easyfone, an optimal dumb phone for children, assures parents about their child’s safety, offering essential features without the complexities of modern smartphones. It stands as an ideal choice for children’s first phone, promising security, simplicity, and peace of mind for parents.

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