Easyfone T6

Easyfone T6

Easyfone T6 Specs

Model NameT6
Wireless CarrierMVNO
Operating SystemEasyfone OS
Cellular Technology4G
Screen Size1.8
Wireless network technologyGSM

Easyfone T6 video

Easyfone T6 4G: A Perfect Senior-Friendly Dumb Phone for Seniors

The Easyfone T6 4G Senior-Friendly Picture Phone is an ideal choice for seniors, those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and kids who can’t read yet. Coming with a SpeedTalk SIM card and diverse plans starting at just $5 a month, it allows users to either port-in or acquire a new phone number with ease.

Effortless Usage

This dumb phone for seniors ensures seamless use with four large picture buttons, letting users call loved ones directly without navigating through a phonebook. The 1050mAh real capacity battery assures prolonged standby time, complemented by an uncomplicated cradle charger.

Sound and Emergency Features

The powerful speaker is M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatible, an essential feature for individuals using hearing aid devices or those hard of hearing. Additionally, the phone is equipped with an SOS button, ensuring immediate assistance in emergencies.

Easyfone T6 Picture Button for Dialing EasierEasyfone T6 Simplest Operating SystemEasyfone T6 Easy Charging DockAdditional SOS Button on Easyfone T6Clear and Loud Sound on Easyfone T6

Compatibility and Network

The Easyfone T6 is unlocked and harmonizes with various carriers like T-Mobile, MetroPCS, SpeedTalk, and other MVNO carriers using the T-Mobile network, enhancing its accessibility and user-friendliness.

Additional Attributes

  • 1050mAh real capacity battery
  • Easy cradle charger for hassle-free charging
  • Emergency SOS button for immediate assistance
  • Inclusive of user-friendly accessories such as a neck lanyard, picture cutting adapter, user manual, and charging dock

In conclusion, the Easyfone T6 4G Senior-Friendly Picture Phone stands out as an exemplary choice for seniors and individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s, as well as kids who are not yet able to read. Its straightforward features, including the SOS button and a powerful speaker, further its appeal, making communication simpler and more accessible.

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