Light Phone II

Light Phone II

Light Phone II Specs

Model NameII
Operating SystemLightOS (Android based)
Screen Size2.84

The Light Phone II is designed for compatibility with select carriers in the US. Supported carriers:

  • AT&T
  • VERIZON (except prepaid plans and Numbershare)
  • TING
  • MINT

Please note that the Light Phone II will not operate on carriers not mentioned above.

Experience the Light Phone II, a standalone minimalist stupid basic phone designed for calling and texting. Group texting is also supported.

This device centers around a customizable menu of tools, each tailored for our exclusive LightOS. Current available tools encompass an alarm, calculator, directions, a simple music player, notes/voice memos, calendar, and podcasts. The dumb phone even supports hotspot tethering. Additional utility-oriented tools are forthcoming through software updates.

Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality with the Light Phone II.

Light Phone II video

  • Compact and visually appealing
  • Easy synchronization for contacts
  • Impressive three-day battery life
  • Encourages disconnecting from digital distractions
  • Functions as a standalone or secondary dumb phone
  • Relatively high price point
  • Ghosting observed on the screen and small text
  • Simplicity might be too basic for some users
  • Utilizes a Micro USB charging port
call endedCompact and visually appealingEasy synchronization for contactsImpressive three-day battery life

Initial usage of the Light Phone 2 evoked a mix of calmness and slight anxiety. This distinctive feature phone eliminates the apps and notifications that often dominate our lives, leading to a refreshing sense of presence and engagement.

The Light Phone 2 is a 4G feature stupid phone, often referred to as a “dumbphone,” equipped with an E Ink screen. Its primary functions are making calls and sending texts – a deliberate departure from the multifaceted capabilities of smartphones.

Embrace simplicity and experience a digital detox with the Light Phone 2.

Encourages disconnecting from digital distractionsFunctions as a standalone or secondary dumb phoneLight Phone IILight Phone 2
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