Nokia 2760 Flip

Nokia 2760 Flip

Nokia 2760 Flip Specs

Model Name2760 Flip
Operating SystemKaiOS 3.0
Cellular Technology4G
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi
Screen Size1.77
Wireless network technologyCDMA

In an age dominated by intricate smartphones, a rising wave of consumers is gravitating towards the straightforward allure of a dumb phone. The Nokia 2760 Flip, with its captivating blend of nostalgia and modern touches, stands as a testament to this shift. If you’re seeking the simplicity of a dumbphone without internet, this review is dedicated to you.

Design and Build

Unboxing the Nokia 2760 Flip instantly transports you back to the 2000s. Its design screams classic flip phone, with a neat blend of contemporary aesthetics. Held in the hand, it feels compact, sturdy, and reassuringly familiar. A light matte finish envelopes the phone, giving it a premium look and feel uncommon for its category.

Nokia 2760 Flip video


Flipping open the device reveals a modest 2.8-inch screen that, while not comparable to today’s smartphone giants, is more than adequate for its primary tasks. Texts are sharp, and colors, though limited, are vibrant. An external display shows you critical notifications, ensuring you don’t always have to open the phone for a quick glance.


Below the screen, the tactile keypad awaits. Each press of a button feels responsive, with the traditional layout making texting and dialing a delightful experience, especially for those missing the tangible feel of physical keys.


Given its position as a dumbphone without internet, one might wonder about the features that the Nokia 2760 Flip brings to the table. Let’s explore:

  • Calling and Texting: At its core, this phone is about communication. Calls are crisp, and texts are straightforward, with minimalistic menus ensuring no confusion.
  • Camera: Don’t expect high-resolution selfies, but the in-built camera is decent for capturing spontaneous moments or for utility purposes.
  • Radio: A built-in FM radio allows users to tune into local stations, bringing music and news to your ears without the need for the internet.
  • Battery Life: Given its limited features and lack of internet connectivity, the Nokia 2760 boasts impressive battery longevity. Most users will find themselves charging the device only a few times a week.
  • Essential Tools: Basics like a calendar, alarm clock, and calculator are present, making the phone a utilitarian device beyond just communication.
Nokia 2760 Flip Secondary display 1.77Nokia 2760 Flip Battery 1450 mAh 1 RemovableNokia 2760 Flip Rear camera 5 MP FF Rear flash LEDNokia 2760 Flip Operating System KaiOS

Who Should Consider the Nokia 2760 Flip?

Given its niche, it’s important to understand the target audience for this phone:

  • Technology Minimalists: If you’re seeking a detox from the constant barrage of app notifications, the Nokia 2760 is a breath of fresh air.
  • Seniors: Its intuitive interface and physical keys make it a suitable choice for the elderly, eliminating the complexities of modern smartphones.
  • Backup or Travel Phone: Given its robust build and extended battery life, it serves as an excellent backup or travel companion.

The Nokia 2760 Flip isn’t for everyone. However, for those who reminisce about the simpler times or are actively seeking a break from the complexities of today’s internet-centric world, it’s a gem. The market for dumb phones is growing, and this device is a testament to Nokia’s ability to merge the past with the present effectively.

Is it time to switch back to a flip phone? Perhaps not for everyone, but for those who value simplicity and directness in their devices, the Nokia 2760 Flip might just be the perfect fit.

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